Cornerstone is dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative cancer therapies that capitalize on the metabolic features common to different cancer types, but different from normal cells and tissues. This approach has the potential to profoundly impact the way cancer is treated.   By focusing on cancer-specific processes, Cornerstone hopes to develop safe drugs that effectively treat many types of cancer. Cornerstone is developing two distinct technology platforms:

  • Altered Energy Metabolism-Directed (AEMD) small molecule drugs
  • Emulsiphan, a cancer-selective nanotechnology delivery system

Cornerstone’s AEMD drugs act directly on unique enzyme targets involved in cancer’s energy metabolism.  These enzymes are located in the mitochondria, where most of a normal cell’s energy is produced.  These mitochondrial processes are essential to cancer cell survival.

Cornerstone’s Emulsiphan nanoemulsion-based drug delivery system is a novel drug-delivery technology that deposits cancer-fighting drugs directly into cancer cells.