Emulshiphan Pipeline

Cornerstone’s Emulsiphan nanoemulsion-based drug delivery system is a novel drug-delivery technology that deposits cancer-fighting drugs directly into cancer cells–not just the tumor mass–by leveraging the distinct metabolism of these cells. Just as the body needs nutrients to survive, cancer cells depend on certain nutrients to make energy and to proliferate. Emulsiphan contains nutrients that are attractive primarily to tumors and therefore selectively taken up by them.

By delivering high concentrations of drug directly into malignant cells, and not normal tissues, Emulsiphan has been shown in animal studies to increase the effectiveness and decrease the toxicity of nonselective anticancer agents. Emulsiphan can also be used to deliver cancer-imaging agents into cancer cells.

Benefits of Emulsiphan:

1. Delivers the active drug not just into tumors, but more importantly, into tumor cells at the site of the drug’s intended molecular target, which optimizes the opportunity for efficacy.

2.  Since tumor cells preferentially take up Emulsiphan, damage to sensitive healthy cells is reduced, improving drug related side-effect profiles.

3. Can deliver drugs to tumors that are hard for traditional chemotherapies to reach. Even, potentially, hard-to treat-tumor cells such as those of the brain, liver and pancreas are vigorous consumers of Emulsiphan.

4. Requires no chemical change to the drug, allowing for a truncated development pathway of Emulsiphan formlulated versions of approved drugs.

5.  Emulsiphan renders poorly soluble drugs more soluble and stable for prolonged periods of time at room temperature so that they may be packaged in a ready-to-use format without requiring reconstitution at the time of dosing. This is a functional advantage over many existing chemotherapies, since reconstitution can be a potential contributor to errors in drug dosing.